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True Self Dancing :

Dance of the Radiant Cross
Gain the skills you need for:
• Authentic Living
• Ease in your Inner World
• True Self Expression




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No More Hiding in Darkness

It's not uncommon to feel powerless in the midst of pain--whether it is emotional or physical--old or new. It can be hard to get back on top once you have been "bowled over" by painful or challenging experiences in life. 

The Dance of the Radiant Cross will guide you step-by-step to gain the skills and reclaim the power of your own Inner Light! 

Let Your Inner Light Shine

So many things get in the way of our inner light! Old wounding, patterns of thought and behavior, limiting beliefs and our own lack of self worth. 

When you learn how to allow your Inner Radiance to truly shine forth--using intention, awareness and releasing what does not serve you--you gain the freedom and power of living as your True Self.

Discover the Radiant Cross Method

As humans, we have so many layers within and outside of us. Those layers are either working for us or against us--and often times we have no idea which is which! Doing the Dance of the Radiant Cross brings tremendous CLARITY... about both what we have going on within and what we WANT to have going on!