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Whether you realize it or not, your entire reality is constructed with archetypes.

When you become aware of the archetypes that are at play within you and around you, you gain more creative control over the outcomes in any given situation.

Understanding archetypal energy is truly empowering!

In this introduction to archetypes, you will learn how to speak the language of archetypes and how to use archetypes to rewrite the stories that play out in your life.

This is a 12 part series and we will be following the Wheel of the Zodiac as our jumping off place for each workshop.

Working with the archetypes of the zodiac is especially helpful because we are constantly cycling through the influences of these 12 constellations and all the relevant energies--we do this daily, monthly and yearly!!

To have deeper understanding and greater mastery of these archetypes gives you the tools to DESIGN the outcomes you desire in your life!

Join us and give yourself the powerful gift of a clearer reflection of your inner self!


Each month we will dive in to explore the archetypes present in relationship to the zodiacal energy of that month's sign. As there are MANY ways to approach the study of archetypes, we will also be looking at archetypes from psychology, mythology, and the Tarot in our exploration. 

Here is the layout for our 12 Month Journey: 

 ARIES: the Hero - the Warrior - Ostara (Goddess of Springtime)

TAURUS: the Sensualist - Venus - the Hierophant

GEMINI: the Jester - Storyteller - Butterfly Woman

 CANCER: the Caregiver - Mother Goddess - Gate Keeper

LEO: the Creator - the Performer - Python

VIRGO: the Innocent - the Healer - the Hermit

LIBRA: the Everyman - the Diplomat - Lady Justice

SCORPIO: the Rebel - the Alchemist - Persephone

SAGITTARIUS: the Explorer - Temperance - Fortuna

CAPRICORN: the Ruler - the Enterpriser - Hecate

AQUARIUS: the Innovator - the Magician - Psyche

PISCES: the Mystic - the Sage - Andromeda



• Teaching - What are Archetypes and how do we put them to use in our lives?
• Focus for the Month: getting to know our archetypal set for this part of the zodiacal cycle
• Re-writing Your Stories: What do you have going on in your life that you want to change and how can these archetypes help you do that?   
Regular Registration Fee: $45
Inner Radiance Academy Members: $20
Event Length: 2 hours

Pre-purchase entire series: $425 (savings of $120)

All sessions are recorded and will be available if you are unable to attend live.

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Event is led by Vila Loukas, Certified Guide with Modern Mystery School. Event is ONLINE.

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