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 True Self Dancing



Learn more about how the Dance of the Radiant Cross can help you open the FLOW in your life!
Hear directly from past participants about their experience working with the Dance of the Radiant Cross

Andrea Jeffery

Andrea and Vila discuss the nature of what the Radiant Cross has to offer


Andrea Heiner

Andrea shares how the Radiant Cross method has made her a more patient parent


Eden Hershberger

Eden and Vila talk about emotional sensitivity and hearing the clarity of your inner voice and your heart's desire


Cynthia Wenner

Cynthia and Vila discuss the benefit of having a structure to help move through difficult times and spaces


Sarah Conner

Sarah and Vila talk about true desire, readiness and the balance between feminine and masculine


A New Dance is Starting

Each of the 4 Phases of the Dance of the Radiant Cross delivers a powerful method for gaining insight into your inner world, what you truly desire and how to shift what is needed to create the flow you are seeking in your life.