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What are the Mysteries?


For thousands of years, men and women who have been called to walk a higher Path have sought out the Ancient Mystery School teachings of



The Ancient Mystery Schools were charged with safeguarding the methods and teaching of true empowerment passed down through the ages. These methods are available to you know through the Modern Mystery School Path of Progression.

Discover an ancient system of spiritual technology that will transform your life!

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Meet Vila

Vila Loukas is a Certified Healer and Guide with the Modern Mystery School International. 

She has been working in the healing arts for the last 20 years.  Vila brings a unique blend of keen insight, deep compassion and fierce commitment to her Inner Radiance work. 

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Modern Mystery School

Advanced Spiritual Training

The Modern Mystery School is an international organization dedicated to making the world a better place by bringing tools of empowerment to individuals, allowing them to live out their true Life Purpose.

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