In Person or Distance Healing

  • Infuses the supportive and healing energy of Ensofic Reiki for physical or emotional healing
  • Helps with deep relaxation and reducing anxiety
  • Amplifies the natural healing ability of your physical body and energy system
  • Can be done either in person or by distance


Ensof is the divine name that refers to original source energy. Ensofic Reiki flows this beautiful source energy into your physical body and energy field --giving you a direct infusion of source energy to support your healing. 

You can receive Ensofic Reiki either in person or via distance. This modality is most effective when done as a series of sessions. Packages of 3 are recommended though single sessions are also available.

Distance work can be received in the comfort of your own home (or from wherever you may be staying). Distance work is scheduled for a time that you will be able to rest, relax and receive. 

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