As a human being living in a world of many different energies, we can get polluted and confused and we can lose our connection with Divinity.

Etheric Reconstruction is used to bring us back to our original nature; it restores our full connection with the Divine, and celestial powers, our connection to God and allows us to be in our natural state.


When you have a recurring pattern and other healing modalities have not fully cleared the pattern, then Etheric Reconstruction is your next step. Etheric Reconstruction is used to remove negative energy and blockages which can build up in your Etheric body and Aura. Etheric Reconstruction the art of healing specific parts of the Etheric and Auric body.


By shining Light into the regions where our core issues are stored, Etheric Reconstruction removes, on every level, the negative patterns that you’re ready to let go of. This is an extremely holy process. Receiving Etheric Reconstruction changes your destiny as it is literally re-constructing the kingdom of spirit in your physical temple (your body).

The Etheric Reconstruction removes core issues that undermine your belief in God and the belief in yourself. Starting to put light into these core wounds, starts the healing process for you to gain freedom in your life from all the other negative beliefs you have created as a result of these initial beliefs.

Benefits of Etheric Reconstruction include:

• Freedom from old patterns
• Core issues removed and healed
• Relief from emotional stress


Prerequisite: Life Activation Session

This modality is normally performed once you have undergone other modalities (eg a Life Activation). A few sessions may be required to remove the core issues, and repeat sessions can be scheduled up to 3 months apart.

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