As human beings we are constantly navigating the energies around us. Our emotions are powerful, and sometimes we run the risk of getting stuck in negative patterns of interaction where we “take on” the emotional energy of others. This incredible session clears away the emotional cords & negative energies giving you a totally fresh & clean platform from which to create healthy connections with conscious awareness.


The Personal Clearing session combines a negative energy removal process, an emotional cord cutting process & an aura purification process. This power-packed trio liberates you from any negativity that has been lodged in your energy field, leaving you free & clear to create the life you are seeking.

This powerful session includes:

Negative Energy Removal

Clears away and removes any negative energy that has been directed toward you--intentionally OR unintentionally

Emotional Cord Cutting

Disengages and resets all connections and relationships that you have both past and present giving you a fresh start

Aura Purification

Infuses light into your auric energy field to cleanse and purify the aura--casting out any unhelpful residual energies 


The Life Activation is a pre-requisite for the Personal Clearing session. These two sessions can be performed in one appointment. 

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