Come discover your very own Sanctuary–-the place to cultivate your personal power & intuition!

In this class, you will be introduced to a tried-and-true technique for active meditation that puts you directly in touch with your Higher Self & your Inner Guidance. You will learn how to access a totally safe and protected psychic space from which you may explore the magnitude of your own Spiritual Gifts!
This class is perfect for anyone who is seeking a clearer connection to the realm of spirit. Whichever spiritual path you follow, the Sanctuary Method is one you can put to use anytime, anywhere for excellent results!

Pre-requisite: None. Life Activation Recommended


Note: Spiritual Intuition and Sanctuary Meditation Classes are usually scheduled together on the same day. Check out our calendar. Click here to register for both classes.

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Class is taught by Vila Loukas, Certified Guide and held in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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