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Powerful Healing Sessions
 from an Ancient Mystery School Lineage

Customized for Your Specific Healing Journey


True healing IS possible.


Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing, the modalities that Vila offers will provide you with what you need to reclaim your experience of wholeness, strength, and wellness in your life.


Where you are at is unique to you.

To begin your journey, Vila will work with you to create a step by step pathway leading to the freedom and completion you are seeking.

True Healing is a complex multidimensional process, and often involves more than one layer of self to bring resolution.

Vila's Specialty Healing will address all levels that need adjusting.



Experience the precision & power of the specialized modalities that Vila is certified in including:

Etheric Reconstruction, Ensofic Ray Healing, Ancient Egyptian Healings, Soul Retrieval, Hermetic Balancing and MORE!

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Why work with Vila for Specialty Healing?

  • You feel called to go deep and access parts of yourself to bring transformation & transmutation

  • You have been on the path of healing for awhile and are looking for the keys to unlock what you haven't come to yet

  • You want to make breakthroughs in multiple layers of self--truly leaving old patterns behind

Now, more than ever, is the time to answer the call for deeper healing. The challenges and wounding you carry are what will lead you to cultivate your greatest strengths. Vila will help you get there.


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