Healing for Body, Soul & Spirit

direct from Source


The Ensofic Ray Healing series brings the light of Divine Source energy, also know as Ensof, into the physical body allowing for deep and profound healing. The Ensofic Ray healing work is effective at three levels simultaneously: physical, soul (emotional-mental), and spiritual all at the same time.

The EnSofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy.  It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration. This ray has the power to clear and heal negative thoughts and patterns. It is the 1st ray of creation; it is pure, straight to the point and penetrates right to the core to activate the codes of divinity within you.
In this modality the breath of God is used to awaken the ‘I am’ presence within you helping you feel more connected to the oneness of all that is.

This healing modality is a process of re-orienting body, soul, and spirit to each other for absolute alignment: first, by destroying imbalanced physical, mental, and emotional patterns that prevent our highest potential; second, by sealing our physical vessels (our bodies) to contain this highest vibration; and third, by harmonizing our structures (mental, emotional, and physical) so that we can create a full LIFE resolved of conflict.


This series is done as a sequence of 3 (sometimes 4) sessions.


Table session to infuse the Ensofic Ray into the physical system

Sacred seals are placed in the energy field to anchor the 12 aspects of the Ensofic Ray


This session is customized according to the clients needs and is either a table or seals session.

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